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“Hedy Knapp came to rescue my family as my elderly mom was aging and my brother was disabled – some would call her work paperwork and bill paying.  Since I live at a distance away in another state it was such a relief to find such an adept, honest manager of the families’ finances. Hedy always went the extra distance not just being efficient with her assigned tasks, but she always took initiative to do the extras such as making trips to the bank when emergencies arose, making financial suggestions and referrals, etc. Hedy’s heart goes beyond the call of duty, and her skills go beyond expectations. It’s more like she’s a member of our family than our bill payer and paperwork savior.”

Dr. Michael M., CA

“My father was home with care takers but was unable to write checks and pay bills. He worried about this and we worried that he wasn’t keeping track as he always had and that he was asking others to write checks for him. When Hedy came in, she helped him organize his paperwork, she used quick books as he always had, and helped him get control back. We could tell he looked forward to her visits and it truly gave him peace of mind. When he passed, and everything was so organized, we were all relieved of what could have been a heavy burden. Hedy built a trusted relationship with my father and all of us. We are so grateful to have found her.”

Michael R., CO

“Hedy stepped in to help when my dad could no longer pay his bills. But to say she is merely a manager of my parents’ accounts would be a disservice. My parents view her not only as a vital resource but also as a caring friend. She is a great communicator, and when my father, whose memory is failing, has made financial missteps, Hedy has alerted me and my sister.  The kindness and tact with which she communicates to my parents, even around potentially difficult issues, has enhanced their lives — and by extension, mine."

Elissa C.M., NJ

"Hedy Knapp of Knapp Paperwork Partners has been invaluable to our family and hands-down the best recommendation I ever got from a friend in caring for my mom.  Hedy is smart, sensitive, personable and trustworthy.  She has saved us money, been proactive and alerted us to changes, helped us plan, budget and troubleshoot.  She is empathetic and manages an independent and respectful relationship with both clients and their families.  Hedy always follows up and has been an untiring advocate.  Living overseas from an aging parent is a challenge, but Hedy's work and service allows us to sleep at night, confident in the knowledge that someone caring and competent is there for our mom, even when we are physically far away. We simply couldn't give my mom the support she deserves without Hedy."
Jennifer B., Israel

"I do not know what I would have done without Hedy Knapp!  In summer of 2017 my widowed mother suffered a terrible fall in her New Jersey home of 40 years and had to move to assisted living.  I was left to clean out a house that had enormous piles of important papers throughout it, dating back to the 1970s.  The problem is that I lived seven hundred miles away with my two young children and husband.  There was no question that I needed help, but who could I trust?  I knew that in the midst of the piles were important financial and personal documents. A social worker recommended me to Hedy - because "you need a Daily Money Manager”. Who knew such people, or angels, existed?!  Once I met Hedy and saw how intelligent and organized she is, there was no doubt that she could handle this enormous task.  The fact that Hedy is bonded and insured, was also reassuring.  Hedy meticulously sorted, culled and organized forty years’ worth of my parents personal and financial papers.   She helped me determine which documents I needed to keep and created a fantastic organizational system in which to store the documents.   I highly recommend Hedy without hesitation and am forever grateful with how she helped my mother and me."  
Natalie S., GA